Film Information

  • Title:

    GS62 Scheming Wonders

  • Worldwide Distribution:

    Golden Sun Films Distribution Ltd

  • Genre:


  • Language:

    Mandarin, Cantonese

  • Director:

    Lo Man

  • Length:

    92 Min.

  • Prod. Year:


  • Casting:

    Li Yuen Bat, Shing Fu On, Cheong Chi Kwong, Ben Ng Ngai Cheung


A police constable, Lee Kar Ming who worked for the Complaints Division in Police Force for 3 years. And he wanted to contribute more to the society. He was feeling very hateful in his duty in the division. He hoped that can change to be a CID.

    After Ming became CID, he followed his first case. To catch a gang of very cruelty robbers

Especially their leader-Tiger. For the reason of less experience of Ming. All the robbers were escaped. Ming and his colleague were seriously punished by their commander.

    Lastly, Ming got some news from a median called Tortoise that a prisoner Kwong had come out from jail.  Kwong was very liable to Tiger. Kwong, Tortoise & his girl friend-Mui earned for their life from provide some information to police

    Tiger ready to do another robbery in a jewellery company. He asked Kwong for co-operation. On the other hand, Kwong also informed Ming this case. Kwong want to catch Tiger himself .But Tiger was escape and all the jewellerys was dropped in Kwong’s hand

    Tiger caught Tortoise for a condition to get back the jewellerys from Kwong. Kwong informed Ming at the same time. Kwong want to save Tortoise through the help of the police.

    After the gun war, Ming caught Tiger at last. But Ming can’t find out jewellerys. Because of …..