Film Information

  • Title:

    GS48 Blood stained tradewinds

  • Worldwide Distribution:

    Golden Sun Films Distribution Ltd

  • Genre:


  • Language:


  • Director:

    Chor Yuen

  • Length:

    96 Min.

  • Prod. Year:


  • Casting:

    Waise Lee Chi Hung, Chan Yuk Lin, Alex Fong, Carrie Ng, Ng Mong Tat


Fong and Hung grow in a Triad group. They are good friends of Lin, who is the daughter of Bao, the leader of a Triad group. Lin admires Fong. During a fight against a Japan Gang of Criminals, Hung saves Fong. As Bao gets old and sick, he is going to assign Fong as an inheritor. However, Fong rejects him, as he knows that Hung is eager for this position. Fong is driven out from the group due to misunderstanding. And at the same time, Fong pretends to have a girl friend to cause Lin to marry Hung. Hung not only marry Lin, but also become the leader of this triad group.

On the other hand, Wai, who is the leader of the Japan Gang of Criminals, comes back for revenge. In order to get rid of the Triad group, he tempts Yi and Lei, who are the members of the Triad group, as informers.

After Fong left the triad group, he lives in Macau and becomes a good friend of his neighbors Lai and Feng. Tsun, who is the young brother of Lai, does not have a job and he becomes a member under Yi. Tsun is used to force Fong becomes a gangster again.

As the assistant of the Japan Gang of Criminals, Yi kills Bao and occupies the triad group. Lin is kidnapped by Yi. Tat, who is the assistant of Hung and Bao, escapes and informs Fong. Fong decides to save her. Fong, Hung and Tat go to fight with the Japan Gang of Crimals. They kill Wai, Yi, and Lei finally. When they are celebrating the success, Hung is going to kill Fong. It is found that all the planning and action are controlled by Hung. Fong is willing to be killed to save Tat, Lai and Lin. Tat, Lai and Lin scold for Hung’s behaviors. At this moment, Feng comes here and he requests to fight with Hung for fair. Hung agrees….