Film Information

  • Title:

    GS37 Tiger Angels

  • Worldwide Distribution:

    Golden Sun Films Distribution Ltd

  • Genre:


  • Language:


  • Director:

    Shek Bing Chun

  • Length:

    90 Min.

  • Prod. Year:


  • Casting:

    Cynthia Luster, Cynthia Khan Billy Chow


Sally and Oshima are colleagues at kung fu school in Mainland.  After graduation, Sally takes up post of Director at his father’s department store while Oshima goes to the Philippines.

When Oshima comes back to visit Sally, they have a fight once they meet.  Though Sally is working as director, she is still swift at fighting.

Sally’s father is aged but as naughty as a kid.  For the sake of her father, Sally sets up some safety precaution, which annoys her father.  Everyday after Sally goes to work, he tries to run away from home and brings her much.  Luckily now Oshima serves as his body guard. 

Sally loves the General Manager, Hon Man, who dares not accept her love.  He later marries a rich girl, Cho Nga Wah, and soon runs into dispute with Sally.

Once night, Nga Wah and Hok Man are dancing at a night-club.  At rest, Nga Wah finds her husband fevering with a girl.  In fact, this is misunderstanding as he is another man, Siu Hok Ping, who looks exactly like Hok Man, Nga Wah is so angry that she leaves home as protest.

Nga Wah’s disappearance worries Hok Man.  He keeps making mistakes at office and even goes into disputes with Sally.  His secretary Wong Ying does not want him to suffer, so she asks Siu Hok Ping, the guy exactly resembles Hok Man to disguise as Manager so that Hok Man can free himself to look for Nga Wah.

Siu Hok Ping is a computer expert by making a living from matching boys and girls, though he is still single.

When Siu Hok Ping goes to discuss business with sally, he is attracted by Sally.  Sally also mistakes that Hok Man turns to love her when his own wife is gone.  They have hot affairs.

Sally’s father gets kidnapped while wandering.  Kidnapper calls up Sally for a huge ransom.  Oshima insists on reporting to police, while Sally collects clues and runs after them.

Hok Man manages to find Nga Wah and even makes her forgive him.  He reports duty happily but when Sally turns him to discuss about father’s being kidnap, he shows indifference.  Sally is angry, thinking Hok Man wants to desert him and gives a blow on his face.

Oshima finds out the place of the kidnappers.  She informs sally and goes there without waiting for her.

The fight is fierce, but when Sally joins Oshima, they defeat the gangsters.  The head holds a bomb, trying to kill them all.  Soon police arrive and rescue Sally’s father.