Film Information

  • Title:

    GS276 The World of Treasure

  • Worldwide Distribution:

    Golden Sun Films Distribution Ltd

  • Genre:


  • Language:

    Mandarin, Cantonese

  • Director:

    Lo Kit Shing

  • Length:

    90 Min.

  • Prod. Year:


  • Casting:

    Michael Hui Koon-Man ,Jan Lam Hoi-Fung , Eric Kot Man-Fai


Chu Kung the king of diamond in South Africa, he decides back to Hong Kong for Lunar New Year. Chu Hay is the secoond brother of Kung, he visit Kung with his son, Chu Choy, Chu Fat is Kung’s youngest brother, he decides to persuade him to accept his business proposal. Chu Choy want to open his sushi shop by his uncle but...