Film Information

  • Title:

    GS154The Story of Freemen/The Legend of the Crying Freemen

  • Worldwide Distribution:

    Golden Sun Films Distribution Ltd

  • Genre:


  • Screenplay:

    Benny Tam Wai-Shing , Law Kei

  • Language:

    Mandarin, Cantonese

  • Director:

    Lam Pak Hang

  • Length:

    90 Min.

  • Producer:

    Peter Cheung Wing-Yiu

  • Production House:

    Pro Film Limited

  • Prod. Year:


  • Casting:

    Fan Iu Wong, Man Yee Man, Lam Hoi Ying, TAE


The M city is a famous South Asia city with the fine scenery, but murderous intention is behind the beauty.  There is a secret organization named eight hundred dragons clans, its consists a large quantities of masters, including Day dragon, Red dragon, Blue dragon, Yellow dragon and so on …… But Dream’s martial art is most prominent, her murder technique is clean.  The organization does not allow their member to develop into lover relationships.  Althought Day dargon likes Dream, but due to the discipline of the organization is strict, he only can bury his love in the moral nature.  In the city, Sau is always the most famous one, not related to black and white are both yield to their influence.  Day dragon and Dream receive the order from Taka to kill Sau, but unexpectedly the processing is taken by the photographer TAE.  In order to avoid any secret revealing, thet are forced to take back the photograph and any necessary action is to be taken ……