Film Information

  • Title:

    GS101 Fatal obsession

  • Worldwide Distribution:

    Golden Sun Films Distribution Ltd

  • Genre:


  • Language:

    Mandarin, Cantonese

  • Director:

    Raymond Lee Wai-man

  • Length:

    Approx. 96 Min.

  • Prod. Year:


  • Casting:

    Vincent Wan Yeung Ming (as Franky), Euong Yung Hung (as Cheung), Xu Jinjiang (as Tat Ming), Chung Sokfui (as Clara), Cheung Kwok-keung, Law Lan, Lee Shiu-kei (aka Lee Siu-kay), Lily Leung Shun Yin, Victor Hon Kwan


Cheung was the leading dancer in a dance team. She was too devoted to her dancing practices and frequently left her boy-friend Franky alone. This made happen a love affair between Franky and another female dancer Clara, who was also Cheung's room-mate. Franky decided to break-up with Cheung, but knowing that this will affect her public performance, Franky promised Clara to tell Cheung the truth after the performance.

The complicated relationship of the three was discovered by the stage director of the dance team. Tat Ming always told Cheung to spare more time for Franky but Cheung just ignored his words. On the birthday of Cheung, the four went out for fun and accidentally ran into a corpse home after a car crash. This haunted place gave Cheung the chance to discover the relationship between Franky and Clara. However, Cheung pretended as usual at the very beginning and soon she figured out a plan for revenge. Tai Ming, Franky and Clara finally lost the trace of Cheung in the corpse home. With the help of the police, they found Cheung lying in a coffin of a deceased Japanese General in the morning. After Cheung recovered her consciousness, she started to behave weirdly. Tai Ming believed that Cheung might be intruded by the spirits of the haunted place and found a spirit-rapper to cure her. Being birbed by Cheung beforehand, the spirit-rapper did as Cheung instructed. At this moment, everyone trust that Cheung was spirited away by the Japanese General. Fearing that it would only aggravate Cheung's situation, Franky delayed his decision to break-up with Cheung......